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Microsoft Office suite consists of regularly used programs and services. The most used programs of Microsoft Office are Word, a word processing program, Excel, a spreadsheet program, PowerPoint, a presentation maker, and Access, a database application. All the programs and services contained within the Office suite are incredibly beneficial and boost productivity. People who work in big companies know the benefits of Microsoft Office very well. In the digital world, much of our communication happens over email. For this, Microsoft Office has Outlook, which is a fantastic email client and personal manager. Office can be activated on www.office.com/setup.

Teachers can make reports using Microsoft Word. Business Analysts can use Access, a database management software to calculate and analyze their records. One can copy and paste the data from a previous month and make a graph of the monthly trends in Excel. The same graph can be reproduced to PowerPoint and presented to a large group of audience. Students can quickly take notes on OneNote and then share the notes with their classmates. Microsoft Office is a very useful tool. Even though competing suites have come to the market, Microsoft Office still continues to rule. Office 2019, an upcoming version of Office, is slated to roll out in 2018.

Microsoft Office Versions

Microsoft Office 365

The best thing about Microsoft Office 365 is that it is subscription based and the programs are updated on a frequent basis. Microsoft Office 365 has real-time co-authoring and users can chat with their colleagues without having to exit or change their Office window. OneNote is integrated with Outlook.

Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 is an incredible version which enhances productivity. Users can achieve stuff in Outlook by hitting a button. Outlook also has a SPAM folder. It also comes with Skype integration, which means that users can call and video chat with their co-workers from within applications such as Word and Outlook.

Microsoft Office 2013

With Office 2013, users can sync their documents to the Cloud. If the user is logged in and has an internet connection, then Office 2013 apps will save the content to the SkyDrive automatically. It also has digital ink function which allows the users to create notes, compose emails, and edit documents with their fingers and stylus.

Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Word is hands down the most important and most used application contained within the Microsoft Office Suite. The ribbon menu is more intuitive and offers details about authors, document size, modifications, and permissions. It also has a protected mode which stops the user from editing a document until and unless they enable the mode.

Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Word 2007 has a customizable Quick Access Toolbar. Users can hide the tools which they do not need. The Excel spreadsheets can have a maximum of a million rows and 16000 columns. Users can make three-dimensional charts of all sorts on Excel. PowerPoint 2007 has fantastic functions and more themes. Outlook also has a three-pane view.

Microsoft Office 2003

Office 2003 was overhauled and got a better UI. Word 2003 got a Reading layout view which made it easy to go through a document. Microsoft Office 2003 was definitely an upgrade over the previous version. The applications work smoothly, and they are easy to use. Outlook got a new simplified interface, overhauled email view, and spam filter.

Microsoft Office Setup

To use Microsoft Office, it has to be setup on the system. Before purchasing any Office suite, check if the system meets all the minimum requirements. Here is how you can setup MS Office on your device:

Steps for Download, Installation and Activation

  1. After buying a copy of Microsoft Office, the user needs to go to the following website to download the setup - office.com/setup.
  2. Users can purchase Microsoft Office from any retail store or from online vendors such as Amazon. They can also buy it from the official Microsoft web store.
  3. Log in to the Microsoft Account and go to order status.
  4. Click on Install Office.
  5. Now you will have to retrieve the product activation key. It is necessary for the process of installation because it verifies that the product is genuine and authentic.
  6. You could find the 25 character alphanumeric product activation key in the email if you bought the Microsoft Office product online.
  7. If you purchased the product from a nearby retailer, then the key will be present in the purchased package.
  8. Copy the activation key and keep it safe as it will be required during the process of installation as well as re-installation.
  9. Click on the Sign In button.
  10. Type the login credentials and then click on Sign In. The password is case sensitive.
  11. Press the enter key after filling the username and pass-code.
  12. Enter the product number if needed.
  13. When the Microsoft account and product activation key gets verified, you will be prompted to another window. Click again on the Install button.
  14. When the file is saved on your computer, you need to run it.
  15. Go to the Downloads folder and double click on the setup file.
  16. The installation process should start now.
  17. Click on the Yes button to allow the setup to be installed.
  18. Click on the Yes button when the prompt for closing any open application comes.
  19. The installation process will take a few minutes.
  20. Click on Close when done.

Microsoft Office Applications

You can go to www.office.com/setup and read more about those application. I have explained some Applications below, i hope you would enjoy them.

Microsoft Word

Word is hands down the most useful application in the present word. From teachers to writers, business people to advertisers, everybody works on Word. You can make your document look more attractive by adding pictures, changing fonts, adding shadows, graphs, charts and what not. Collaborating with others in Word is easy.

Microsoft Excel

Excel is a fabulous program for calculation and data analysis. Even if you require Office for individual use, you can compose to-do lists, and maintain your family expense estimates on Microsoft Excel. You can also compute data and see the trends. You can also make 3D charts and graphs and insert shadows and colors in them.

Microsoft PowerPoint

If ones need to deliver a presentation, then they must definitely create it on Microsoft PowerPoint. On this app, one can add visual appeal and aesthetics to the presentation. Apply audio and optical accessories to adorn the slideshow. Users can also share the PPT in real-time with other individuals and get meaningful insight.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is primarily used to build basic database management systems. Access is pretty straightforward to work on, and it does not need intense training to learn it. As Microsoft Access is a part of the Microsoft Office suite, it integrates excellently with different Office programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Publisher

With Publisher, users can make marketing items material without needing to seek the guidance of a specialist. Even individuals who do not have a clue about graphic designing can produce professional-looking publications such as call letters, leaflets, business cards, circulars, etc. by utilizing the various templates available in Publisher.

Microsoft OneDrive

With OneDrive people can save their documents and files in a secure cloud server. Users can get access to their synchronized data from anyplace and via any device by either opening the app or going to the website. OneDrive stores a replica of all the records on its own. The data stored on OneDrive can be shared with anybody very easily.